metro 2033

Metro 2033- A novel that inspired video games!

Metro 2033 is a wonderful novel full of so much adventure, action and thrill that it gave birth to  not one but three popular video games.

Theme of METRO 2033

Metro 2033 is the first novel of Dimtry Glukhovsky, who is a Russian author and famous journalist quite known for penning novels of sci-fi, magic realism and post apocalyptic genre.

The metro series includes further two books namely Metro 2034 and Metro 2035.Metro 2033 is translated into 34 languages other than Russian.

Little summary of metro 2033:-

This novel is set in the year 2033.The earth is nothing as we know of it today. The values like humanity, honesty and brotherhood is gone and all that is left is fight for survival. Due to the nuclear war occurred in 2013, the half destroyed cities have forced a few score thousand survivors to search refuge in underground metro station.

With time, the different set of people got settled in the underground trains developing into independent states, later on. The factions emerged on the basis of ideas, religion, water-filters such as the independent peacekeepers the “Rangers of the Order”, the communist “Red Line” the fascist “Fourth Reich”, the most powerful one “Polis” containing the greatest military power and most knowledgeable of the past and the one who control the main ring of metro stations because of its economic power.

But when the Red Line and Fourth Reich entered into state of war, the stations were demolished, got merged into Hanza regime, destroyed by animals or formed a new independent states. One of these independent alliances was the station VDNKh where the protagonist of the story used to live.

The main character of this novel is a 20 year old man named Artyom.

His mother was killed by some carnivorous rats but luckily he was saved as a baby by a man named Sukhoi. Sukhoi, earlier a military officer and is now one of the authority member of VDNKh. He raised Artyom like his son. Artyom spends his majority of time in patrolling the tunnels and working in factories.

Once Artyom met a man named Hunter, who discussed about the increased attacks from creatures known as The Dark Ones.

After meeting Hunter, Artyom realized that 10 years earlier, he was unable to seal an exit in one of his visit to botanical gardens which is serving as an entrance for The Dark ones since then. Now guilt ridden, Artyom took up the task to carry a message to a man named Melnik at the legendary Polis.

His mission was to alert everyone about the forthcoming danger and as well as seek help against the terrors of The Dark ones. Arytom began his journey to the heart of the metro finding his first companion in Bourbon who later on was killed by a psychic force.

By his good luck he met with a mystic named Khan.

Khan guided him to kitai-Gorod which is controlled by criminals. But during an attack by the Fourth Reich, Khan and Artyom got separated. Though Artyom tried to flee killing an officer in the process but was captured by the Fourth Reich who gave him a death sentence. Artyom is saved from the execution by the Red Line who intervened and rescued him. Artyom reached Paveletskaya station. The only thing standing between him and his mission to reach the Polis was the Hansa regime, which was in control of Koltsevaya Line.

They are known to operate strict border controls. To add more into the difficulty of Artyom, his passport got lost in detention. In an futile attempt to get travel papers, he bet in rat race resulting in nothing more than his custody. He somehow escaped and finally reached his destination The Polis.

He delivered the message to Melnik.

The Polis refused to intervene with The Brahmins, a faction consisting scientists and academics who collects books from the library situated above the metro. i.e. on the surface. The Brahmins claimed to have a solution to their problem with the dark ones. But wanted Artyom to help them in exchange. They wanted him to recover a sacred book from surface.

They believed Artyom to be psychically sensitive. With no other choice left, Artyom along with Melnik and a young Brahmin named Daniel reached the surface. The library at the surface was the residence of plenty of mutated creatures known as ‘Librarians’. Daniel is mortally wounded in an attack and died. But before dying, he gave Artyom an envelope containing the  specific set of directions to a functioning missile silo.

Artyom and Melnik returned without the book to metro, at station Kievskaya.

Melnik and Artyon separate their ways, as Melnik need to collect some reinforcements. While Artyom busied himself in aiding in search for a missing child.

metro 2033 During the search operation the child’s father and Artyom were kidnapped by an old tribe of cannibals who worshipped “the Great Worm” as their sole deity. Melnik along with some fighters came to aid and rescue both of them. All escaped into Metro 2 leading them to the missile site.

The adventure and thrill continues as they encountered life threatening situations. Such as facing mutated bio-weapons that not only tried to hypnotize them. But also consume them all. Several of them were killed before creating distraction by exploding the tank. The group was divided among small units. Some went up to the surface while some including Artyom came back to provide co-ordinates for targeting from a location known as Ostankino Tower. Artyom took a stop to meet the only family he had ever known Sukhoi.

METRO 2033

With the help of the unit providing the location of The Dark Ones. And the missile site, Artyom reached the tower . And had a vision, A vision which turned his world upside down. A vision that was the answer to lots of his questions as well as. A vision that not only had the potential to change his life but also to change the future of the mankind.

What was his vision? What was so important in it?

Will he be able to do something about it?

Or is he already too late?

To know the answers of all these questions you have to follow Artyom in his amazing thriller and adventure. That creates an unimaginative fascination and undying curiosity leaving the readers spellbound.

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Damn, its gonna make your day!


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