Women in advertising – Perspective need to be changed

Portrayal of women’s images in magazine advertisements

portrayal of women's images in magazine advertisements
source: indiaopines.com portrayal of women’s images in magazine advertisements

Attention here….

This is one of the magazine covers I noticed. 

It is also so vulgar!

I mean is there any sense using sale wrappers on a female body?

Anyhow she should not have been portrayed here!

portrayal of women's images in magazine advertisements
source: http://psy235project.weebly.com portrayal of women’s images in magazine advertisements

And this is damn pothetic!

Oh god these human have given the alcohol bottle the shape of woman’s body.

Cheapness at its highest level.

ewww No you would be realising why there is a need to raise voice against it!

Else these morons will continue in degrading woman’s existence.

Gender stereotypes in advertising examples

Here up , next we have a funny video on gender stereotypes.

The way you men portray us, will now be imposed on you and the result is in front of you.


How was it?

Girls , you will be smiling , I know!

Boys , it was not to humiliate you but to make you realize how we feel being portrayed in advertising.

gender stereotypes in advertising examples
source: indiaopines.com

This is also an epic!

Men haven’t even left katrina kaif , she has been landed into a slice bottle.

I don’t how could she allow herself others to objectify her.

Dirty morons!


Objectification in advertising

objectification in advertising
source: http://melindatankardreist.com


What is objectification ?

It is the way we turn living beings into objects.

Here we are talking about women’s objectification in advertising

Earlier also, we have seen example of alcohol bottle .

Moreover , now it is about the scissor that we use in daily life.

What the hell it is! 

I am speechless!


Voices Against women advertisement!

 The most important part of the article is to make you aware that today you need to respect the one who created you!

Your mother , sister and friends are also woman , how  would you feel if they would be objectified?

I would murder them literally.

I request every girl and boy reading the blog to aware others about this problem and empower women!

Thank you my lovely readers…



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