Women in advertising – Perspective need to be changed

Women’s advertisements negative effects

Advertisements affect women in  numerous ways, Let’s list them!

Women’s advertisements negative effects are:

  • Advertisement don’t show the reality realms rather they show the fantasy world 

Yes, my dear friends, advertisements of getting slimmer and fairer are almost fake and not realistic. Infact    some  of them are so dangerous that they can create cancer!  Believe me!

 If not cancer, certainly itches and rashes.

women in advertising
women in advertising
side effects of cosmetics
false committments and side effects                         Source : www.kidspot.com.au

You can yourself have a look how these cosmetics have ruined the face by just using SPF 50

  • .They create an image of women that is highly impossible to attain.

You will be wondering how?

According to these advertisements , a woman should have 00 waist , highly slim, extremely fairer and     tall and yeah how could we skip that, large breast size and that too in proper shape and heavy hips yukk!

extremely fair and slim sixe 0 women in advertising
extremely fair and slim sixe 0
women in advertising

LOOK this is what we call an ideal woman but she lacks something… wait.. see next

a perfect women
a perfect woman

This is your perfect woman! Thats a shitt! so offensive and now,

I will show how you react to woman who are opposite to it. Below this , we have a classy black woman  and a fatty woman but  they can never replace your above models just because of your hunger for idology of woman!

a black woman
A black woman
A fatty woman
A fatty woman


All in one We can say,” A woman with above features is the fittest for survival”.

Women have been idolised and that is the reason why cosmetic surgeries and breast implantations are increasing much!

Look at this, how cosmetic surgeries have increased remarkably and why?

Rise of cosetic surgery infographics by deepika

Women fail to understand that this is not real. 

It is the result of smart editing using photoshop that make every model a perfect one!

One such actress is KATE WINSLET , titanic’s heroine who refused to edit her photos merely for magazines who created fantasy among young girls!

Hats off to her incredible step!

How advertising affects women’s self esteem

How advertising affects women’s self esteem,?

I will make you clear how it creates inferiority of being imperfect.

how advertising affects women's self esteem
source: www.mirror.co.uk
how advertising affects women’s self esteem

Here it is …wooh I really got surprised to see how these models are shown as “perfect”

credit goes to photoshop !




objectification of women


But my dear friends , specially girls never feel low if you don’t have a perfect figure

I am short , fat and dark in color and I just love myself , so you also feel proud girls.

Let’s move a step ahead…

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