Women in advertising – Perspective need to be changed

Women in advertising!  before going on…let’s cover some important points

Advertisement today has turned into a burning issue across the world!

Advertisements commonly called ads may not seem to hold much importance in our life but surprisingly they do affect our thinking process in a great way.

Why are Advertisements important?

As said that ads affect our lives, therefore it is utmost important that these ads send a positive message and do not prove to be detrimental to the society.

Basically its not about advertisements , it is about portrayal of women in advertising!

women in advertising
women in advertising

Portrayal of women in advertising 

The Portrayal of Women in advertising is a major concern!

Many voices have been raised to condemn the inappropriate depiction of women. Nevertheless women are used as “sexual objects” for the promotion of anything and everything.

You will find billboards, banners and posters depicting such pothetic kind of advertisement.

It is pity to say that today advertisement is merely about the body parts of women. Let’s see how?

Female body advertising

Female body has been used to sell each and every thing. Somethings it seems to be bullshit still media keep on introducing vulgar ads. In fact its a crying shame that market needs such kind of vulgarity.

Have you ever thought why is this female body advertising?

Why chocolates ads are made so seductive and also even now “oreo biscuits”.

One side everyone is busy in giving speeches “save girl”,” respect her”, on the other side you are expecting such advertisements that fullfill your inner desire.

Here up, we have a video which will expose you to the brutal world where women are merely “objects”.

When it is your mother or sister or relative, you cannot hear a single word about them, nor can ever imagine to see such female body advertising

But when she is someone else’s daughter or sister, you find entertainment in such advertisements.

Is this what you want to show your daughters?

Ask yourselves!

Now  let’s see what impact do we have on women !

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