Sweetest Memory-3

Here I have my another memory which is “EARLY CLASSES”!

I still feel glad to remember how we used to go to school for early classes! hahah

The story starts with 5 characters! I ie. Deepika, Divyanshi, swati , shivani and jyoti!

We were only girls who dared to go against the class by choosing computer science as a subject instead of physical education in class 12! Can you imagine among 40 , we 5 on a side and rest on other.

It was not the only amusing thing , second was that we were supposed to reach the school early at 7’o clock! in order to attend the computer class.

That time in winters  Divyanshi was so punctual that she used to reach my home at 6 45  and I used to get ready at that time wondering why we have to go so early?

then as soon as she used to shout deepika! my reply was,


And My reaction was like, “yaar kya itni jldii, chal abhi baith ja 10 min sir to late hi honge!” .She used to wait 10 minutes and then with our bicycles, we used to reach school by 7 10 at gate.

School looks like a horror movie , full of fog ..silence everywhere and no one being visual to us.

after arranging bicycles then we started going upstairs where as usual our sir sitting with 1-2 students including jyoti and few boys used to say,” beta come fast!”

although we were late but yet we were first, that makes us feel happy! Then after that there comes our two late comers swati and shivani! hahah

Sir always scold them ,”why are you always late” and they were like sir,” sorry sir not again”

whole winter I and divyanshi used to come regularly and the best part was that our school timings were from 9 am.

So after 8 we used to roam in the school noticing different things and eventually getting the volley ball!

We were so crazy about Volley ball.

It was our love!

Although we were not supposed to be in sports period yet we somehow manage and manipulate our schedule  and attend the claases!

What a game it was! Morning freshness…and playing everywhere!

Seriously what an Awesome memory it was!

Story doesn’t end here , here comes a twist…

Suddenly we got to know that our chemistry tution classes will now be in the morning 6-7.


From next morning with more courage , I used to wake up at 4 30, dressed up properly in school uniform and depart at 5 40 with my mummy to the place where Divyanshi would be meeting me at 6 45 . There onwards we both cycled to tution , from there we departed for school and by 7 15 again there!

This hectic schedule was those days a burden, but now it’s a memory that was full of adventure & fun!

few lines I would like to dedicate to those memories!

Rote pit te humne

guzar diye vo din

ab lgta hai yarr

kha gaye vo din!

vo subh ki class,

vo na jane ki aas,

na  attendance ka dar

na khta koi assignment kr!

kash jeele vo din hum phirse,

jha mashhoor hote the humare kisse!









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      heartious thanks dear!


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