Sweetest memory-1

Sweetest Memories are the ones which when revived filled us with happiness.

One such sweetest memories include childhood memories of school. I miss the those days when I was a little tot , when I used to come 1st in poem recitation competition thinking that yes! I have won the battle. hahah!

really believe me that was the time when life was free and by orating a small poem we could become super heroes of our class.

One such incident was when I was in class 5 and I participated in inter house competition. Honestly speaking I was too nervous ,literally I was shivering and my friends were mocking on me that after winning every oral competition, having an outstanding public experience how can I be nervous!

But I don’t know why I was being nervous, my heart was beating with speed of a bullet train! haha almost.

May be the reason was that, I was the only kid who was from 5th class participating in the competition and rest were from 8-9 class.

Deep in my mind, there was only one thought , my teachers believe me and yes I can definitely win because I cannot let down my teachers , my friends and my most importantly my parents who were always proud to have a daughter like me.

As the competition begins everyone spoke very well, then came my turn , I spoke confidently because that was the poem I created on my own at that class only!

when results were about to be announced, my teacher smiled in a mysterious way! She conveyed the message through her eyes that, ”  yes, YOU did it my child, Go success is yours”

withing few seconds, I got to know I secured 1 position !

then that huge round of claps dedicated to me were the moment that I can never forget .

They did photo session with the winners and I was the shortest! haha everyone praised me.


God made the world 

as lovely as can be,

He made the grass and 

the tall green trees.

He made the land

and deep blue seas,

Beautiful flowers,

and buzzing bees.

A huge round sun

in the sky so blue 

Listen to what

they say to you,

They do not talk,

They do not shout,

But their beauty is what 

Mother Nature is all about.

All these things he

wanted us to see,

So GOD made you

and GOD made me!

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