Success – fruit of million failures!

“success has many fathers, but failure has none”

It’s true because every hero was once zero!

We  see the success not the hardship they gave me gone through.

Biggest example of failures is thomas alva edison! Thomas had made thousands of experiments that failed lakhs of times but he had one hope, one day I will become successful.

Thomas said,“I have not failed. I’ve  just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

He could have left his hope after tasting failures for number of times but he never did so, he kept on experimenting and that is the reason for which “THOMAS ALVA EDISON ” is known.

Best success quotes

success - fruit of million failures!
success – fruit of million failures!

Best success quotes that we feel motivating are:

” Life throws stones to us, it depends on us either we take out our bats and play an outstanding innings with those stones or simply stand up being hurt”

” Success does not lie in results, but in efforts”

”  Do it for the people who want to see you fail”

” Successful people never worry about what others are doing”

Most of the times we give up and get tired of doing work but bhagvad geeta says,” karam karo, fal ki chinta mt karo”

which means keep doing hard work, no matter what result it may give because it will someday prove to be an asset to you.

Success stories are endless , I won’t describe them all.

Rather I would create a new story of mine!

Yeah, it’s your positive attitude that can determine your success. The more positivity you have, more successful you become.

“Success has no elevators, you have to use the stairs.”

success - fruit of million failures!

This is not only a quote, it has its deeper meaning in it. It shows that success cannot be achieved without constant and persistent efforts. You will first in the furnace of hard work then you will be shining like a diamond.

Always listen motivational videos, songs ,biographies and read inspiring novels. It makes you feel positive vibes that can make you complete any impossible task.

You need to differenciate between ordinary and extra ordinary life.

An ordinary can only be changed into extra ordinary life if you will do what and when others are not doing.

we have to be a leader, not a follower!


Followers can never create history.

So be a leader of your own.

success - fruit of million failures!

Parents are the most important part of our lives.

They have spent millions in our education, then when will we repay them?

Being successful is not only what we want , it is the happiness that we get on watching tears in our parent’s eyes!

The most proudest moment is that only when my parents will say,”you did it my child”.

That day I will be dancing like a kid and will believe like I have actually become successful!

success - fruit of million failures!
Make your parents proud!

must watch this! it may motivate you

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