Rote learning- Useless parameter of success!

ROTE memorization !

Firstly my friends,

Do you know what is rote memorization ?

I mean this rote is different from wrote! This is what we students love 😍!

Wondering what I am telling about?

Oh! Cramming..

Haha ,you may call it mugging too.

Don’t tell me you haven’t heard about bookworm 😮? Surely you have.

Every class definitely consists of crammers. I also have few friends who can pass or even top an exam only through rote learning!

Can you imagine a girl who hates maths and for her maths can never be solved, through rote learning, she scored perfect 10/10 in test. Amazing!

rote memorization
rote memorization

Yeah..That what’s we have learning from nursery..

Just imagine yourself years back when you used to  open the books only  when there will be test.

our student life is 95% based on rote memorization !

You must have heard about the famous song ,”ek pal to ab hume jane do jane do”

Likh likh kar pada hatheli par
Alpha, beta, gamma ka chaala
Concentrated H2SO4 ne poora
Poora bachpan jalaa daala

haha don’t you get the reality ? even we have mugged science in every class, sometimes by our wish or sometimes intentionally as the world famous dialogue of teachers is ,” beta ye to tum msc. ya phd me pdhoge abhi yad karlo bas”

Let me tell you what is the reason behind it.


ie. the only focus is getting 99% at any cost! no matter how  knowledgable you are or how dumb you are!

The song that I feel perfect for rote memorization !

Pressure cooker jaise sar ki baj jaye na seeti
Ratta maar Ratta maar
O Patak patak ke sar gira de
Knowledge ki deewar ratta maar
Ratta maar… Ratta maar..
Chadh jaaye jo bukhar coffee se tu utar
Ghis ghis ke bheja kar le tez dhaar
Ratta Maar…

O bhool ja average chadh ja tu kitabo ke pahaad
Sau baar Ratta Maar (zara zor se)
Tak pak tak pak brain ko dauda usko chabuk maar zordaar
Ratta maar (zara zor se)
Dar ke milega kya lega kya tu ukhad
Gat gat ke pee ja….
O o Ratta Maar…

At the end of day upar tere
Latki hai performance ki talwar
AIsi dariya hai Remember karle
Jo doobe wohi hota hai paar
Jo bhi aaye yahaan pe usko chance ek milti hai

Har nazar ki yahaan pe socho
Ek manzil hi hai
Mauqa mile toh khona nahi
Yeh aaayga naa baar baar
Dhakka maar zara zor se
Zara dheere se…
Dhakka Maar..
Ho o…

Ho maar le ratta ho ja (100% taiyyar)
Na chhod kasar tu koi
Chal maar le baazi maar
Hai ek hi solution teri mushqil ka yaar ratta maar
Ratta maar…

At the end of the day ,for Indian society no matter, how successful you become , what matters is you percentage,

either you become a rattu tota or newton!

BUT remember the fact that yes being a rote learner you may top an exam! but you can never solve a new problem by your own!

If you still want evidence, do watch 3 idiots , you will exactly get what rote memorization  is actually about!

rote memorization
rote memorization

4 thoughts on “Rote learning- Useless parameter of success!

  • February 16, 2017 at 12:28 pm

    Bahut shi baat h
    All the best deepika

    • February 16, 2017 at 11:57 pm

      Thanks a lot Ravi ji for this overwhelming motivation!

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