Love of friendship

Love has no boundaries, all that we know but love may not be for our partner only, it may be for our parents, our teachers or our besties.😄

Love is prejudged that it will make you fall ,on the contrary it may somewhat that may take you to some higher level.

But love of friendship is far different from these.

In friends, there is no caste, no religion, no region and no superiority!

Each one and everyone get mocked by their friends in every manner. Friends never leave a single moment to insult their besty not because they want to insult but because there is a hidden love for them that is beyond formalities.

Love of friendship is immortal.

Friends are the person who can write a novel on us.

Friends always know where and how we need to relax ourselves . They are our radios that keeps on going on and on…

Honestly speaking , after being frustated whole day long, listening loud music with friends give us immense pleasure.

With friends, the best place to chill out in college is the canteen or the play ground.

A friend’s hug is the best medicine that we can ever have!

Making Tours with friend is like an amazing task , full on drama thrill and adventure.

Clicking selfies with funny faces is the best job that friends can do together.

Many a times in life , there comes a situation when even parents can’t help us. But friends are always there to help us out from that situation.That’s the time when ,heart relations become more powerful than blood relations.


How can we miss our WOW moments when we act like what! how bad why don’t you tell me  you witch! haha

Love of friendship cannot be replaced by anyone.Days may pass on. Even Years may pass on but friendship will remain as cool as it is today.

It do happen that friends may not remain in contact but as soon as we see them, eyes get filled with tears . Then we react like ,”nalayak tu to bhul hi gyi, huh” then comes a sweet large smile that makes everything sorted.

We revive our moments how we used to bunk together, eat momos together and every silly thing that make us laugh.

So,love of friendship is a feeling top of the world and friends are the blessings that god give us.

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2 thoughts on “Love of friendship

  • February 8, 2017 at 5:48 am

    wowwwww nice deepika mam

    • February 8, 2017 at 6:22 am

      Thank u jithu ji


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