it INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY- the billionaire industry!!

Examples of IT Information Technology

  • Smartphones , PC and laptops :

You can see any tom, dick and harry using smartphones, infact now even kg students are demanding smart phones! surprised ?? how IT is spreading so spontaneously??

It information technology
It information technology

Smartphones are like oxygen to us! 😆

  • Video conferencing is part of IT:

Today we chat face to face with our beloved sitting miles away how? through video conferencing ie. IT .Some people even use this feature for keeping spy 😀

  •  ATM, Bank lockers  ie. security.

Cyber attack was a burning issue few days back ,but we were the least affected . Or we could say not at all affected because have damn perfect security hacks for our system ie. powerful IT TECHNIQUES


Education and IT

IT plays an important role in education sector. Students can learn online through internet and also through mobiles.

there are a lot of apps designed for library and students.


IT and drop outs

Information technology is a source for growth of drop outs who cannot pursue studies further and there are many celebrities like david karp , owner of tumblr and mark zukerberg , owner of facebook!

It information technology

IT and banking

Transaction of money ie. Online banking and ATMs are only possible because of IT.

It has centralised information. Also use of credit cards ,smart cards are also somewhere IT.

IT and finance at global level

Your credit score and credit ranking is available online securely allowing lenders, insurance companies and buisnesses to run a quick credit.

Trust me it really triggers their buisness a lot and all credit goes to IT.

IT and healthcare

You may be wondering how health care is related to IT?

But many of the services are available online and medical offices send & receive digital medical information from doctors you’ve had in the past.

It lowers the cost and increase the amount of time doctors may spend with patient.

IT and security

Security is also achieved in IT and in healthcare too your medical information is secure and cannot be tracked by someone else. Also in transactions and password security,we use IT!!

IT for doctors

Doctors be use IT to diagnose using conputerised axial tomography ( CAT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans. Doctors can create detailed images of your organs , also that shows changes in our body chemistry and blood flow. Hidden illnesses that cannot be detected with blood test and medical tests.

Apart from these how can we forget all the communicating mediums like social media and video conferencing which has made our lives so easy..

Infact Facebook and whatsapp are like oxygen to us!!

Don’t go anywhere we have something very interesting for you..

Now..The so awaited list of richest it Information technology billionaires 😍😍😍

Bill Gates beaten by Amazon owner!!

Number 1 was none other than bill gates

Followed by Jack ma owner of Alibaba group but recently they have switched Their ranks !!😎

Number 3 is taken by ma huateng owner of tencent

The greatest competition is Jeff bezos founder of Amazon

Right after it ,there lies our sukh dukh Sathi Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg!!

It information technology is the industry that has given us there billionaires then why not you also become one !!

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