Haters- best teachers!

Who says haters are the ones who hate us and want our harm!

Rather haters are the ones who teaches us right way to tackle problems!

haters- best teachers
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Don’t get confused about what I am saying! It’s what I have experienced.

Initially I was also like you who would be thinking,” why,god? Why my haters are not dead?” Haha

In Hindi ,” Mar kyu ni jate sab”

But now I get to know that eventually our haters are gonna make us something in our life!

Admirers never let you grow.

It’s  because you must have heard,” all the beautiful pictures comes out of their negatives”

Haters-best teachers
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Exactly, only when you will be knowing what is  actually going wrong in your efforts, ie negatives then you will create a better picture of yours!

I realized it when, I was giving my 100% dedication and hard work ! But still not getting the fruits.

Everything was perfect but still there was something lacking!

Eventually when my one of the fellow companion said, “you leave it bae, You cannot do it!”

That was the moment I got furious that never ever in my life anyone gave me such a comment! For me it was disappointing ! I  said in my anger ,“We will see!”

Actually then my ego got hurt, so it was my commitment that yes I have to do it at any cost!

That’s called the spark that finally get ignited in me.

when I reached my target, I was like , wow! finally I did it! I proved myself! what if I did it only to prove her wrong but ultimately it was me who got benefit through it!

SO this incident taught me a lesson that whenever we feel that haters are not worth of our attention, remember that somehow somewhere they are the reasons behind our success!

So its our duty that we should give them respect because unwillingly they did a noble cause for us by making us aware of our potentials!


It is perfect! The more haters I’ll have, more motivated i would feel and more motivation means quick success!

Haters-best teachers
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