Book of Mythicality

Book of Mythicality- A field guide to Creativity & Tomfoolery.

Book of Mythicality is a great book and an excellent field guide to Curiosity, Creativity & Tomfoolery.

Book of Mythicality Authors’ Introduction

Who would have thought that two first grade kid will first become best friends, then you-tuber and one day the authors of a book that made into “THE NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER LIST”? I think that’s what you call Game of destiny.

Rhett James and Charles Lincoln Neal met each other when they were in first grade. Their teacher made them miss their recess as they both were busy writing swear words on their respective desks. Well! The worst part, their teacher caught them. And do know what they had to do as punishment?

They colored in mythical creatures such as a unicorn. Again, DESTINY!

Book of Mythicality

These boys were talented. They wrote a screenplay titled Gutless Wonders and tried to shoot a film but unfortunately the film was left unfinished. Later, At NC State, Link earned his degree in industrial engineering while Rhett graduated as civil engineer. They both worked in their respective field for focusing on their youtube channel. They duo has over 800 million viewership.

Their morning talk show ”Good Mythical Morning” was one of the most watched talk show on the internet. And the next step was to pen a book and that’s exactly what they did.

Friendship definitely can do wonders.

Theme of the Book of Mythicality

This book is a fusion of autobiography, trivia, and advice. It is a guide to lead a ‘Mythical’ life. ‘ The Book of Mythicality ’ features stories and snaps of these life-long best buddies.

This is a book that encourages us to laugh more, live more and never take yourself seriously and for this very purpose have give us some awesome guides, charts and activities, putting their degrees to good use.

This book is a door to the World of Mythicality and helps you to achieve mythicality.

What’s there in the book? 

Book of Mythicality

This amazing book provides you 20 ways to fill your boring, sad life with curiosity, creativity and tomfoolery. It talks about satisfying your curiosity with experimentation and some examples and stories that i should warn you are definitely not appropriate for the lovely readers to re perform.

While a part of this book urges you to try new things, do something out of the blue, something weird and funny at the same time. 

Suggestions from Book of Mythicality


  • Eat something that scares you.

Well, we all are familiar with phrases like face your fear, fight your fear but this concept is new. Doing something like this is going to make you feel more confident than before. And if not, it’s going to be a funny memory to laugh at.

  • Make a bold hair choice.

In today’s world when we all are so look-conscious. Let’s be honest Making a bold hair choice is the first step to get rid of shackles of ‘what other will think’ and a step towards your inner happiness and satisfaction.

  • Say ‘I love you’ like it’s never been said before

We cannot go back to era of Romeo and Juliet where people believed in concept of true love but Nowadays, when emotions are placed after money. Doing meaningful things like these definitely will add to you happy life.

In the journey of this book you will also find:-


 Some embarrassing stories that we definitely will regret sharing, The interesting board game called Character building.  An important message from the year 2075.A hilarious quiz that can help you in determining whether or not you should get a dog, An eulogy that you can read at any one’s funeral and the most awesome one Grownup merit badge. I mean wow.

This books is mind-blowing especially for those who want to love life, want to laugh more and be around those whom they love and laugh with them.

Isn’t that’s what we all really want in the end?

This book also coves some hilarious real life incidents related to Rhett and Lincoln lives that may bring tears in your eyes from laughing. Yes this book is that fun.

Just by reading this book you can actually tell all the fun they would have gone through while authoring the book, because you will feel too.

For them curiosity is the first step to achieve mythicality and ultimately become a mythical beast.

It is for all generations from a man working in a hectic office to the kid who went to the nearby school.

This book have an unexplainable touch to it where once you start reading this book there is a high chance of increased Mythicality in your life. You even yourself won’t know it but soon you will be laughing more, learning more, and being happy more.

People are infected by this mythicality at a large ratio and this mentality is spreading day by day.

So read this book yourself, gift this book someone you love and you want to see them laughing more, give it to your friends and see how your world changes for good.

Hurrry! Mythical world is waiting for you. 


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